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If you already have an ERC20 wallet, skip to the next section. If you do not have an ERC20 wallet, complete the three steps below before creating a Quadrant Token account.


Set up a digital wallet

You need to have an ERC20 wallet to keep your Ethers and tokens. We recommend MyEtherWallet. Read more and learn about Ether and how to use Ethereum.


Buy Ether on an exchange

Find the platform and register to buy Ether, you need to have Ether to buy tokens. These exchanges do not support receiving tokens, so you’ll need an ERC20 wallet from step 1.


Transfer Ether to wallet

The purchased Ether needs to be transferred to your ERC20 wallet. Your wallet will provide a unique address which you can utilize to receive the Ether in your wallet.

Token information

Approximately 20% of the total equity of the company will be offered in a combination of a private pre-sale (completed) and a web-based Dutch Auction

Start Date
May 2018
Start Date
Token Supply
Token Type
Sale Cap
Sale Cap
Modified Dutch auction
Token distribution
Payment Method

*Regulation D 506(c) Private Placement

A step-by-step guide to purchase tokens

The following eight steps are specific to Quadrant Token customer accreditation process.

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Auction fees

All prospective investors are required to pay $5 to offset their KYC/AML costs. U.S. applicants will pay an additional $60 for their accredited investor check, however this additional cost will be refunded in ETH if you bid 2 ETH or more in the auction.

Please note if you were not part of the pre-auction you will be charged a non-refundable fee.

Step 1
Create a Quadrant Token account

You need to supply your legal name, valid email address, and password. A registration code will be sent to confirm your contact information.

Step 2
Agree to terms

Keep in mind the terms may be specific to your country or region.

Step 3
KYC check

Upload a selfie, photo of license/id, and appropropriate paperwork. Suggested high-quality images to avoid manual process.

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Step 4
Accredited Investor check

Will take up to two days to process. You are required to submit documents which verify your status as an accredited investor—only for U.S. persons.

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Step 5
Sign subscription purchase agreement

Before choosing to invest, carefully read the terms and conditions of this offering. Once you agree to these terms, you will have access to our offering documents.

These documents include our private place memorandum

Step 6
Wait to be Whitelisted

Require approvals from steps 1 through 5 to proceed.

Once the smart contract is deployed, we’ll update it with new addresses at noon and midnight EST.

Step 7
Bid in Auction

We will be announcing the start date of the auction soon.

When the auction is about to start, we will announce the official smart contract address.

When the auction starts, you can bid by sending ETH to this address.

Step 8
Claim tokens

After 7 days of the auction ending, you can claim your tokens. Instructions will be provided so that you can retrieve your Quadrant Tokens.

Core team

Strategic advisors


What is the Quadrant Token?

The Quadrant Token is an ERC-20 security token that represents one share of common stock of Quadrant Biosciences (“Quadrant” or the “Company”). Quadrant Token holders are and have all of the rights of common shareholders of the Company.

What is a security token?

A security token is a blockchain token that is characterized as a security for purposes of the U.S. federal securities laws.

What is the Quadrant Token Sale?

The Company is selling approximately 20% of the total common equity shares of Quadrant, or approximately 20,000,000 Quadrant Tokens. The Quadrant Token Sale consists of two parts: (i) the Quadrant Token Pre-Sale (the “Pre-Sale”); and (ii) the Quadrant Token Auction (the “Auction”).

Who can participate in the Quadrant Token Sale?

U.S. persons that are “accredited investors” may participate in the Token Sale. Non-U.S. persons need not be accredited investors in order to participate. All participants must provide certain information and complete a background check in order to participate in the Token Sale.

What are the dates of the Pre-Sale?

The Pre-Sale is currently ongoing, and will run until 48 hours before the commencement of the Auction.

How do I participate in the Pre-Sale?

Please email to participate in the Pre-Sale.

How does the Pre-Sale work?

During the Pre-Sale, Purchasers will buy Quadrant Tokens directly from the Company at a pre-determined price.

Will there be a lock-up for Quadrant Tokens purchased during the Pre-Sale?

All Quadrant Tokens purchased through the Token Pre-Sale will be subject to resale restrictions for at least 12 months following the closing of the Auction.

How will the Auction work?

The Auction will commence at an initial bid price of the ETH equivalent of USD $10, and the bid price will be reduced over time, in accordance with a pre-determined formula. Auction participants submit an ETH bid amount at an aggregate price at which the participant agrees to purchase Quadrant Tokens. The time at which an investor’s bid is received will determine the price at which the investor is bidding. All successful participants in the Auction will receive Tokens at the same price, irrespective of the time of their bid or the price that they bid. This price will be equal to the bid price at the time the total bid ETH amount divided by such bid price equals or exceeds the price at which 90 percent or more of the available Auction Tokens have been claimed.

How do I participate in the Auction?

  • Establish and maintain an ERC-20 compatible wallet.
  • Go to and create a login and password credentials.
  • Complete the accreditation and background check, and pay the associated fee for such checks.
  • Purchasers who pass the accreditation and background checks will gain access to and submit bids through the Auction Dashboard.

What are the dates of the Auction?

The date of the Auction will be announced on

Will there be bonuses available to Auction participants?

Yes. Purchasers that buy during the first 24 hours of the Auction will receive a 10% bonus, and Purchasers that buy during the second 24 hours will receive a 5% bonus.

Will the Auction have a soft or hard cap?

The Company intends to sell up to approximately 20% of the total common equity shares of Quadrant (approximately 20,000,000 Quadrant Tokens) in the Pre-Sale and Auction.

What payment method will be used in the Auction?

Ether will be the only method of payment accepted during the Auction.

When will I receive Quadrant Tokens purchased in the Auction?

Purchasers should expect to receive their Tokens and any refunds due within 7 days of the closing of the Auction.

Will there be a lock-up for Quadrant Tokens purchased in the Auction?

All Quadrant Tokens purchased through the Auction will be subject to resale restrictions for at least 12 months following the closing of the Auction.

I didn’t use enough gas to process my Auction bid. What do I do?

In a situation like this, your transaction(s) would have been rejected or not mined, therefore your balance would not have changed. Please try again with enough gas. A gas limit of 100,000 is recommended (100 gwei).

Where can I purchase ETH?

You can purchase ETH at a number of exchanges, among other places. Examples include: Coinbase, Gemini, Bitfinex, and Kraken.

I didn’t see an answer to my question. Who do I contact?

Please email for more information about the Quadrant Token Sale.

Will there be a lock-up for Quadrant Tokens purchased during the Pre-Sale?

Please visit and for more information.

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